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1. How do I-we register for an International Hoops Challenge ( IHC) Tournament or Tour ?

  •         After agreeing on a tour, you pay a deposit of $500 per team to ABN via PayPal or personal check.
  •         No prices are guaranteed, until this deposit is received.
  •         This deposit is fully refundable for 60 days. You will have these 60 days to overlook final pricing and have each and every participant register for the tour. The registration payment of $100 per participant is non refundable.


2. What incentive is their to register earlier?

  • The earlier you register with your deposit, the lower the price we can offer you, and the more free stuff you will receive as a coach and team. Teams which register two years out receive free travel gear and the head coach/group leader receives more cash.
  • By registering early, we have less hotel problems. Remember you will be traveling in peak summer season to tourist destinations which have hotels which book out very early.
  • By registering early, we can have other groups merge with your group to reduce everyone's price. Remember, the larger the group, the easier it is for us to move you at a lower cost.


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