ABN Scouting Services

Here is how ABN can help you…

1. LIVE Scouting and Team Evaluations of both high school and college teams in Northern California.
$100 plus expenses; or $75 and send 2 video tapes after consultation.

2. Free Agent Scouting Report and synopsis with resume builder. This may be done online with the submission of up to two hours of video tape, or live from Free Agent Camp.
$75 and you receive an evaluation report and synopis with resume form. $25 will get you an Email and Facebook blast to all known teams.

3. European Professional Player Profile: contractual, psychological, physical, and technical
$; after request.

4. Euroteam scouting report or film footage retrieval.
$ ; after request

5. The best way we help you is to come to our camps. We see you, and when people ask us about you we can give them first hand knowledge. If you want to be “seen”, come to one of our camps with many International and American coaches present.


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