Play in the USA

Want to take your game to the toughest challenge?

Since 1994, we have helped place hundreds of European players in USA high school and colleges.

We can also help give you and your family the background on a school you have been in contact with.

1. We are not an agency and do not charge players any money to help place them.

2. We can refer you to all star basketball camps in the States.

3. Our International Tournaments can let you be seen by USA College coaches and Scouts. It sounds funny, but leaving the states is a great way for coaches to "not be too busy" to see you play! The tournaments and camps have college level coaches and pro level scouts.

4. If you are looking to play in high school, remember that many states have restrictions to student athlete recruitment of foreign exchange students.

5. If you are looking to play at a College in the USA.. write us and fill out a scouting prospective for no cost! If you want more help, we will refer you to agencies you can pay, websites which you can post your videos, and if you want ASSIST* to really help you, you can engage us to write a scouting report on your for just $50 dollars which is sent to any 25 colleges you target. Our online video classifieds section will soon be live and you need only to post your information and profile there!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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