Partner with ABN!

  •   Youth Camps ;       Bring NBA,  Internationalize, & Provide International Marketing
  •   Pro Camps ;            Bring NBA, Internationalize, & Provide International Marketing
  •   Coaches Clinics      Bring NBA, Internationalize, & Provide International Marketing
  •   Academies               Franchising with the ABN model
  •   Tournaments          International Hoops Challenge can be held at your event
  •   Tours                        We can make your event a tour destination! Or bring you to the USA!


ABN is always looking to expand its relationships! We are actively trying to grow in other continents, as well as increase our presence in all European Countries.

If you have a facility which can hold a large sized event, we want to talk with you!

(or better yet, multiple facilities within walking distance of each other)


* We can help your existing event grow internationally

* We can bring NBA ,USA, and top international talent to enhance your current event

* We can help you start an event from nothing.

* We can help market your event for you.

ABN acts as a consultancy firm.. it will be YOUR event!




We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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