Predrag Savic

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Predrag Savic

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Coach for Professionals

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Graduated on Sports Academy and have a highest level of coaching license (red license, Basketball Academy). I also have FIBA coach license. As a coach I started to work in 1995, after the ending of my playing career in 1993 (BC "Beobanka", I A league). Thanks to my playing experience, as well as the ability to work with people, working with young categories proved that I am very good as a pedagogue, not just as a coach. Good communication, hard and serious work and devotion are my winning ticket for success. Efficiency in coaching career I have upgraded by working with the junior and senior teams. I always try to be up to date and regularly go to different seminars. I have excellent organization skills and am very good in working with people. Also, I am very responsible and ambitious. Up to now I have worked as a coach in basketball clubs in Serbia, Libya, Cyprus, Lebanon, Morocco, China. With young categories I have made a lot of success. With senior teams I have made also a lot of success: 2007. my team was champion of Libyan Basketball League, in Al Nasser, Libya. 2008. The cup winner of Libyan Basketball League, Al Nasser – Benghazi 2008. Semifinal in Lebanese summer basketball league 2010. The Cup Winner of Morocco Basketball League, A.S. Sale 2010. Champion of Morocco Basketball League, A.S. Sale 2010. First place at international tournament in Sale – Morocco, among 10 teams 2016. Third place Moroccan Basketball League, MCO Mouloudia Oujda

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