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Miroslav Zlatkovic

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My name is Miroslav Zlatkovic and I am FIBA basketball coach from Serbia, currently working as a Head Coach and Head of Basketball Operations in Qatar. I have been working as a coach for over 20 years and have more than 12,000 hours of team and individual practices and over 500 games as a Head Coach throughout my career. In the past 10 years I also worked as an Player Development Coach for young and professional players. Countries I worked so far are Serbia, Romania, Austria, Turkey and now Qatar

Coaching experience:

Coaching experience:

 Aug 1999 – Jun 2001

 KK MLADOST Zajecar, Serbia (U8 & U10 Head Boy’s Coach)

 Aug 2001- Sep 2004

 OKK BELGRADE, Serbia (U14 Head Boy’s Coach)

 Oct 2004 – Jun 2006

 KK MLADOST Zajecar, Serbia (Senior Head Men’s Coach – 3. Division, Serbia)

 Aug 2006 – Jul 2007

BKK RADNICKI Belgrade, Serbia (U18 Head Boy’s Coach, Senior Assistant Coach – 2. Division, Serbia)

 Aug 2007 – Jun 2009

 KK RAS Belgrade, Serbia (U16 Head Boy’s Coach)

 Oct 2010 – Aug 2012

 KK  SLODES Belgrade, Serbia (U20 & U18 Head Boy’s Coach, Senior Assistant Coach – 3. Division Serbia)

 Sep 2012 – May 2014

 KK VITEZ, Serbia (U18 Head Boy’s Coach)

 Aug 2014 – Jan 2015

 C.S. CUZA SPORT Braila, Romania (Senior Head Men’s Coach & U14 Head Boy’s Coach – Liga 1, Romania)

 Sep 2015 – July 2016

 CANIK BASARI UNIVERSITY, Turkey (Senior Assistant Men’s Coach & Player Development Coach – TB3L and Uniligi, Turkey)

 Apr 2017 – ongoing

 QSPORTS BASKETBALL ACADEMY, QATAR (Head Basketball Coach & Director of Basketball Operations)

 Camp Coaching experience:

 Jun/July 2014.  Pro Basketball Academy Summer Camp Bucharest, Romania

 January 2015. 1. StBV Winter Camp Graz, Austria

 Jun/July 2015. UBA International Summer Camp Canakkale, Turkey

 January 2016.   UBA Pro Exposure Showcase (Head Coach) Istanbul, Turkey


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Career Summary
-Having enriched experience of more than 20 years in training, coaching, and development of players.

-A high visionary, organized, punctual, self-motivated with positive attitude and management skills.

-Detailed knowledge of the principles and practices of modern Basketball programs.
-An ability to effectively communicate and work with children as well as adults.
-Immense passion for Basketball game and community youth recreational programs with the ability to plan, organize, coordinate and implement a comprehensive community Basketball program.

-Skill in dealing tactfully with the public with excellent supervisory and organizational techniques and style. -Remarkable ability to give advice and make recommendations.

-Profound working knowledge of the principles and practices of office management, work organization and supervision so as to maintain order at all times and also maintain records and deliver reports.

-Ability to recognize, analyze and react in day-to-day situations. -Proficient in maintaining the health and stamina of the players.


Mr. Panayiotis Yiannaras Qatar National Team Head Coach

Mr. Edi Dzelalija – Kuwait National Team Head Coach

Mr. Elmedin Omanic BC Widzew Lodz Women’s Head Coach

Mr. Igor Georgiev Romanian Basketball Federation



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