ABN full time academy jobs

  • If you are applying for a full time academy coaching job in India or one of our other countries, please make sure you have submitted your resume to our jobbank
  • There is a small fee, but this fee is to maintain the resume scanning website as well as allow your resume to be viewed by other managers and clubs.

Our Business Model for Camp Coaches

  • Recruit and coach a team that travels with EF and you will earn $1000 cash and a free trip ( total value over  $5000+).  Larger squads can get a free trip for you and your spouse.
  • If you bring players to our elite development camps, we give you a referral bonus. This does not matter if you are an engaged USA or Euro coach. We help those who help us. Your first year working at one of our camps, we expect you to pay your own way. This is a way for you to offset your costs. You help us, we help you.
  • Bring a European team to our tournament. We negotiate compensation at various levels depending on the level of team  you are bringing and which one of our IHC tournaments you attend.
  • Become a lead supervisor on one of our trips you will make even more money.
  • Become a partner on the ground.  Help us find a new location to create a new camp or tournament. Profit share for us with different partners in different countries is win/win for ABN.
  • Locate bulk email lists for AAU teams & high school coaches and make email sendings for us or sell us the list and we will compensate you.
  • Recruit individuals in your local area to go on tours by posting in the local classifieds.

Agents & Club Managers

  • We help you have the elite players in one location with the coaches who need them at our combo free agent camps and international coaches clinics.
  • We are now working on engaging 8-12 USA players as both camp counselors and showcase free agents at 3 of our camps in 2013. If you are an agent and want to put one of your players in this position, please contact us.
  • Our scouting network is so vast and we register each and every player who has ever attended one of our tournaments or elite fundamentals camps.
  • We arrange top tournaments with high levels of competition that make your club money. We have a track record of showing profitability for each and every club. We love to exchange out with host teams so that all their youth get the camp and tournament FREE in exchange for facilities.

College Coaches

Curious about creating a pipeline? Working overseas camps lets you meet international coaches and club managers, as well as see some of the players hands on. Many of our coaches have been going back to Europe each summer for over 10 straight years. Working our camp is not about us paying you so you make money, working our camp is an investment in your recruiting budget.

Our Business Model for Older Players with Pro-Playing Ambitions

Many of our camps and tournaments have free agent games in the evenings. We know you want to find a job overseas, so we make sure there are people on your trip to watch you.. you are not only making money, getting a free trip to Europe and having a chance to meet people, but we are also actually giving you a chance to try out. We can also hire you as a coach/ counselor at one of our combo camp/free agent camps to help offset your cost of traveling and paying for your free agent tryout. You are still responsible for paying your own way to the campsite and will sign a performance contract as a coach, but it puts you in the position to be seen and find your next playing job!

Model for Coaches Who Aspire to Teach Overseas

The market is too saturated where you can actually think you can just send a resume in an email to someone and get a job coaching in another country. You need a network. You need to meet people face to face over there. They need to see you work. We give you a chance to work overseas, get to know people face to face in different parts of the globe, and get a feel for the difference in working with players from other cultures. Your best chance to break into the ABN network is to bring a team overseas so we get to know you and meet you and watch you work. Once we know you are a coach of character, integrity, and have the right personality and disposition to be successful at our camps and at coaching overseas, we will do all we can to get you into the right position to help you reach your goals.

For Students

I am always looking for bloggers, social networkers, website experts, graphic designers to help with tee-shirts, and on-site laborers at the camp. If you are interested in arranging a job/share reduction for your camp fee. I cannot promise all of you work, but we can help many of you earn some money with a bartered trade. Contact us for details and tell us your proposal.

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