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ABN is repeatedly asked: How do I find a coaching  job overseas????

Answer: its tough.. but here is some advice

  1. apply for all jobs at our job bank
  2. find some camps to work at overseas
  3. take a team on a tour overseas
  4. take some players to a camp overseas
  5. assume it will cost you money to find this job!
  6. pay for un upgrade with our ABN forum.. we will blast you out

The overseas basketball coaching market is already very saturated with Americans living in other countries.You are also competing against expert Balkan, Baltic, and Russian coaches for "foreign coaching positions."  It is much easier for a Foreign team to work with someone who already lives outside of the USA and has already gone through the acculturalization process. Too many Americans have come and gone and teams have a preference of "not" recruiting overseas for coaches.. too risky...

The hard truth is, if you have a teaching credential, or can speak another language, you have a better chance of finding a teaching job or a non basketball associated job overseas. There are many organizations and international job search websites that you can use to search for these jobs. Find the job first, then moving, gives you the option to look around and see what is going on before choosing what organization to get involved with overseas. "One and done" is a scene lived by many coaches as they took the first chance to go overseas without really being picky about what organization they were hooking up with. That experience too often prevents any future offers from other overseas teams.

With that being said... here are some suggestions::  the brutal truth, as real as it gets

a. Fly yourself over to a country you want to live in with enough money in your pocket to support yourself for a summer.

Lower your expectations, make contact with every basketball camp in the area, and start making phone calls and showing up door to door. Once you are in the area and they will be more open to receive you and perhaps offer you some bit work at camps, etc.  Create this time to make  personal relationships.  Learn their language as soon and as quickly as possible. That makes a huge impression on them.  Many clubs will ask you to take FIBA coaching license courses, and to spend a year just to see how it works over there.. you probably are not going to make any money and are going to start at an entry level position in a lower league. Best bet is to hit all the local language institutes and private schools to see if you can teach English to supplement your income.

b. Go to online job sites and look for a "normal" job overseas. Find a job in Sales, Teaching,  Management, whatever....

After  securing the job, getting the visa, build relationships over there and work your way into a nice coaching gig and quit your job. There are many organizations which do work exchange, as well as websites which post jobs in all countries.Taking care of your own work visa, relocating yourself, and then showing up in a city can be keys to getting you viewed as a long term asset to a pro club.

c. Take a team over on a tour, and compete against the local clubs.

This course has proven successful as it allows clubs to see how you recruit. If you show up with a lousy team, they already know they will not be interested in you. If they know you can talk 10 great players into going on a trip overseas with you , then they know you are the type of recruiter that will bring wealth to their program. They will get to watch you coach, see you interact, see how prepared you are.... all in real life.. Such a valuable tool for you in your job search.

For you.. you get to meet them, court them, and start a network. Warning, the time and effort putting together teams and trip is an arduous task . It takes time and perseverance. You can take a youth team or a pro free agent team. But assuming this entrepreneurial endeavor will put you on the map.

You will build relationships and network inside out.

d. Recruit a few overseas player to your current program and have them play for you. This is another great resource as you are getting a player to go back and vouch for you and describe their experience under you can get you a gig.

e. Hire an agent... Enough said.. this will cost you money and unless you ever been a true NBA coach or #1-2 assistant, it will not matter. Working out players who have been to NBA camps does not make you an NBA coach. Team Managers are not stupid. If you do search for an agent, make sure they are a certified FIBA agent. This can be found on the FIBA site.

g. Market like crazy with as many email lists as you have possible... jobs are hotter in Asia now, not Europe ABN can only help you if you are interested in taking a team over or if you want an email blast. we could also probably help locate a player for you.. might be too late for this upcoming year... Our camp gigs are so lined up with a waiting list..we are trying to build more new camps...ABN is working hard to have our international classifieds pages up and running as soon as possible. The classifieds will be offered for a short time free to establish a large base of viewers.

g2. Use Social media marketing tactics to hook up with people in other countries. Linked In, Twitter, etc

h. Show you can get players. Contacting teams personally and giving them tips on players without agents shows the club manager you have contacts. If you try to get some "kickback" off of this, you have basically just blacklisted yourself. Either truly do something for free for a club to earn their trust, or better to not explore this area.

h. Use ABN! Yes this is our plug.

1. Use the classifieds

2. Pay for an email blast

3. Bring a team overseas with us and get paid

The classifieds will be for coaches, players, clubs, potential free agents and pros, agents, club and camp promotions, material and resource promotions.. think of Craigslist for international basketball!! Keep your eye on this page or our facebook page as we will announce the opening very soon.

$100 email blast includes video analysis and 7,000+ email sending. (international clubs)

If you are a coach or player who would like to have your scouting synopsis created by ABN, we offer a very cheap resource. You send us two tapes, or weblinks, we analyze your play and create a scouting report, and send this to over 9000 direct contacts. Although we always recommend to get you overseas and in front of people, this is also a solution which gives your profile a bit of backbone when sent out.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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