International Basketball Tours BRAZIL! 2016 OLYMPICS SPECIAL

brazil ballTake your team to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil!

Spectacular ABN  basketball tours for HS or AAU teams!


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2015 Basis itinerary Spain,                           2015 Basis itinerary Switzerland-Italy

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2016  ABN Exclusive!

Sightsee RIO/Brazil!  11 nights/7 games/tickets to 2 Olympic basketball matches

All inclusive trip (includes travel, meals, lodging, transfers, competition, excursions) ...

Place for only 8 teams ( 4 boys and 4 girls) 18u/16u. First come first serve with deposit!

Head coach/group leader will receive $1300 cash plus all inclusive free trip to Brazil*.

( *Deposit and Registration paid byMay 31, 2015 for minimum group size 22 paid). 

Example prices ( prices will vary). Depart Miami  Group Size 36+  $4400 + Olympic tickets ( TBA)

Depart New York                  "  "     $4700+ Olympic tickets ( TBA)

Depart Seattle                         " "     $4850+ Olympic tickets ( TBA)


ABN  INTERNATIONAL TOURS            since 1994!


 Preregistration savings ( 20%) for 2o16 tours to Europe ~   UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30, 2014.

Pro Free Agent Tours: contact office at [email protected]


MALE & FEMALE   18u,17u,16u,15u,14u tours

5 EASY STEPS:  Q&A youth tours ABN 2013 14 pdf

1. Contact ABN at [email protected] and discuss where you want to go.

2. Receive a travel price quote and like it! 🙂

3. Pay a REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 to ABN to secure your place in a tournament.

4. Register with your travel vendor or ours.

5. Prepare for the experience of a lifetime

  • Full air/land/basketball packages or land-only basketball packages
  • Men, women, boys & girls  18u, 16u, 14u youth
  • Professional ABA, WBPL, IBL, Free Agent Tours
  • ABN can refer your college program to one of our partners. If you are a college team, please make sure you are using a company that will not threaten any eligiblity issues with your team.

In 2015, ABN will also launch for the first time, its USA experience trips. Trips for international teams to 3 locations in the USA where you can experience basketball training, basketball camps, sightseeing, and an NBA pro game experience. Keep your eye on our website or Facebook page for breaking news on this

Our Philosophy:

  • All tours  include cultural experiences and interactive events with the local people
  • All tours include 3 star hotel quality, 2/room, and 3 meals arranged each day. You need only pocket money!
  • Under some circumstances, we can arrange cultural home stays. Do to the extreme amount of work, it is not usually cheaper.



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