EF Tour #5 Italy – Slovenia




  • City tour Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, Rogla Olympic Center
  • Arrive in Rome and take a city tour and see all the sites you have dreamed about ..get a feel for the Roman architecture and landscape while spending your first days and night in Rome.
  • Then you will spend 2 nights in Florence and soak in whatever  fabulous museum you want.. see the marble cathedral.. great statues... all  in the heart of ART!
  • Travel to our beautiful campsite situated on a peninsula on an Alpine Lake..
  • You will sleep in a city called Sirmione.. a beautiful peninsula sticking out on a large alpine lake. A city so old and located so perfectly, words cannot do justice.
  • Play 4 games here in a neighboring city of Lonato.. This tournament will be played in the strongest area of Italian Basketball and will bring out very strong youth teams. (Our partner in Italy has been working with ABN since 1995)
  • During the tournament you will see the amphitheatre of Verona ( home of Romeo and Juliet), as well as the most complete "humongous" roman villa in Italy.
  • Sightsee in Venice , the most enchanting waterway city in Southern Europe, enjoy an evening Gondola ride.. tour St. Mark's Cathedral, and more.
  • Your trip then flies home from Venice..
  • or you can continue on to the strongest tournament we offer, and cross the  border into Slovenia. This 3 day 4 game extension costs $350.
  • Slovenia was the first ex-Yugoslavian State/Province to break free and join the European Union.
  • Slovenian is known for its wine, food, cleanliness,  and its basketball schools. It might have the most successful coaching academies in the world!
  • Play in a tournament at the Rogla Olympic Center.
  • Situated up in the Slovenian Alps, this is a training center for Olympic Athletes. Think of Squaw Valley or Lake Placid. The beauty is surreal, and the competition will be ferocious at a minimum.
  • We expect this to be our strongest individual tournament of any of our tours.
  • Play 4 games in this tournament.
  • Depart to Venice and see Venice one last time before flying home knowing you played some of the best teams your age in Europe!
  • Meet an NBA Coach, Possible NBA Player
  • Competition Strength:  A/B Italy   A / A+ Slovenia

Rogla Olympic Center

Slovenian Castle trip

Florence / Firenze

Venice, Italy

Florence/ Firenze


Sirmione, Italy..



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